Why exalted Jupiter is not considered good.

Jupiter gets exalted in watery sign Cancer, the own sign of Moon. Currently Jupiter is transiting in Cancer and will continue its motion in Cancer till 14 July 2015. It has entered Cancer 19 June 2014 last year. So it is about 10 months completed and three months remaining while Jupiter live in Cancer.

Exalted Jupiter is not good because Jupiter is like a saint, In exaltation Jupiter / saint becomes very powerful. No one wants to have saint with him all time monitoring our every aspect or controlling everything powerfully. Saints are excellent as a Guide and not as a dictator.

In addition Moon is mind and Moon or our mind is not a powerful depositor to hold Jupiter like planet.

Furthermore Moon sign cancer is nourishment, mother and caring nature, extra caring is not good for today’s competitive world. No one can sit 24 hrs for caring and not going out to meet hard stuff.

Deliberated Jupiter is okay / better, Jupiter in enemy sign is better. But Exalted Jupiter and combust Jupiter really needs care. Jupiter is best in own sign i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is best benefic. Jupiter lordship of bad house also needs attention.

From last one year while Jupiter in exaltation, we have noticed several setbacks in and around the world. ISIS terrorism in the world and political exile in India. People having this in birth chart needs other good planetary support to overcome this…

Daily horoscope for 09 April 2015.

Aries Moon Sign: Sudden ups and downs. Worry over some important matters. Some doubtful situations.

Taurus Moon Sign: Gain of respect, sudden profit. happy partnerships and relationships.

Gemini Moon Sign: Money gain, Good health and happiness, success over enemies.

Cancer Moon Sign: Good for kids and creativity, disappointment and grief.

Leo Moon Sign: Rejuvenation for next 28 days, frequent trouble from ailments.

Virgo Moon Sign: domestic happiness, travel possible, access to money.

Libra Moon Sign: Loss of money and respect, Some gains of last five day work.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Comforts, good food, cloths and enjoy work.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Increase in expenses, planning for next month.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Maximum gain from work done in past 28 days. prosperity.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Help from Boss / senior, success in ambition.

Pisces Moon Sign: Senior support but mental pain.

Career changes every month!

Surprised. Yes your career changes every month of every year. Every month your focus and priorities changes. In January you may be concerned about your family and in February you decides to go for travel and in March you may look forward to take rest and so on.

Transit of Sun – “A strong significant for career” with reference to your Moon sign does this career change. You may notice yourself as well very easily.

Consider this all for one sign first. Let us consider for Libra Moon sign. This is 7 April today. Therefore Sun is transiting their sixth house from 15 March to 13 April. In this entire month they are well focused on matters related to sixth house. However transit of Sun in sixth house is considered very good. It gives success over enemies and diseases. Debts, service are also of concern for Libra folks this month i.e. 15 March-13 April.

Next from 14 April to 14 May they will focus on seventh house matters especially in their career, matters such as relationships, partnerships etc. In May to June they will focus on Inheritance and sudden events. In June to July they will focus on ninth house matters like higher education, divine knowledge, learning etc. After that on tenth house matters like career. Next month on gains . When Sun transit their twelfth house they start planning for next year and in first they start executing that plan.

Similarly Sun in third let them travel short journeys and in fourth they would rejuvenate and in fifth have fun with seniors and bosses.

Hence entire cycle repeats every year for every sign. Same example of Libra may apply on all twelve signs.

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