2020 Leo Horoscope

Saturn in 6th House

Magha : Saturn transiting Capricorn will cause financial gains from low profile people.

Freedom from enemies and diseases, association with fair sex

Pressure to conform the accusatory, conflicted, polluting behaviors to match the lowest common denominator in the social order.

Medical treatment or military movement that are not socially accepted

Medicine, military, or ministries of service, it may be temporarily necessary (for 2.3 years) to work with those who are pinched and restricted, less creative, or more fearful than oneself

Socially approved litigation

freeze the disagreements into a chronic state rather than permit any sort of resolution.

Chronic servitude, often in the workplace. Does not harm the income – in fact could increase the paycheck due to overtime work. However, the overtime hours may be oppressive to health.

Potential for theft in the workplace, often an”inside job” 

Splendid transit for working in jails, medical clinics, service to drug addicts, thieves, the very poorest classes, prostitutes.

When Shani transits bhava-6 the native has “senior” status in all conflicts and one will outlast all adversaries. Therefore in the end (within the 2.3 years of this transit) one will have the power to regulate and contain all enemies

Generally, heavy responsibilities regarding loans, management monies borrowed on credit, usurious situations. Insufficient ability to repay loans, resulting in penalties for non-payment.

5th jupiter till march 2020

Acquisition of servants, birth of a son, general prosperity, addition of property and development of good qualities ;

Enhances the awareness of theatrical and political charisma, and calls attention to the divine brilliance of the children

 Creativity increases in matters of expository philosophy and its theatrical expression

6th Jupiter April to June 2020

Affliction of mind, friends turning enemies and indifferent to good things

The number of accusatory litigations, broken promises or unsatisfied contracts may increase. Even so, one’s philosophical attitude toward temporary conflict may be warmly humanistic and tolerant of the faults of others

Rahu in 11th

It brings a better phase in your life. You   could land some monetary gains too. Your social standing and image at work improves considerably. This is a favorable period for income growth. You might get a chance to go abroad as well. Your domestic life also become peaceful. Your children might get married during this time. Your interest in religion also increases. Overall, you enjoy a good status during this transit.

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