Easy time coming soon

Two major planets Saturn and Jupiter take long time to transit one zodiac. Saturn takes around two years and six months and Jupiter takes around 12 months to complete transit in one zodiac.

Both of these planets retrogrades every year. Both takes 4 months in retrogression. Retrograde Saturn makes things simple. Retrograde Jupiter makes things complicated.

How! Jupiter is best beneficial planet and Saturn is most malefic.  Retrograde Jupiter is not very powerful to provide good results. Retrograde Saturn is not powerful to provide bad results. Hence when Jupiter is direct then good results will manifest for all. Because direct Jupiter will provide good results with power.

Similarly direct Saturn may provide bad results with full power.

Currently both planets are retrograde. Jupiter will move in direct motion from 08 April 2015 to 08 Jan 2016. This will help every one and life will become bit easier for all.