Cancer (कर्क ): वक्री शनि – 18 अप्रैल से कर्ज से मुक्ति? ~ Da, Ha (ड, ह)

4. Cancer (Karka) ~ Da, Ha (ड, ह)
Cancer (कर्क ): वक्री शनि – 18 अप्रैल से कर्ज से मुक्ति?

Benefic transit Malefic House rulership
8 lord and 7 lord in 6.

Pressure to conform the accusatory, conflicted, polluting behaviors to match the lowest common denominator in the social order.

Medical treatment or military movement that are not socially accepted.

Heavy responsibilities regarding loans, management monies borrowed on credit, usurious situations. Insufficient ability to repay loans, resulting in penalties for non-payment.

Freedom from enemies and diseases, bliss of spouse.

Functional malefic retrogression – Tough.
Malefic Retrogression good house: Delay
Saturn Retrogression: Relief, Relax and Respice

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