Cancer ♋ 2020 Horoscope

Jupiter in 7th (April to June 2020)

Happiness, erotic   pleasure,   good   income, purchase of a conveyance and graceful  speech;

Jupiter in 6th

6th Guru in 2020 ask you to refine & “serve”,  what you got in the 5th Guru in 2019.

It may show saturation in career, however it must be used to sharpen and finetune the work and the position you got in the 2019’s 5th Jupiter.

It is an incremental step by step increase. However, it does show good 💰 money if not health!

It will increase enemies or rather hidden competitors will try to & succeed in outsmarting you.

They will get more focus – “It’s my turn” is what they must be saying after you have fired your shots in early 2019.

And you too more tolerant towards faults of others.

It mayl force to deal with long-term ignored issues with health. The 6th house is about Ayurveda/stomach – such visits will be fruitful. Good medical advice would be seen though!

The 6th Guru due to drushti on the 2nd house shows good luck with stock markets/mutual funds etc investment activities.

GURU drushti on the 10th house helps get good support from seniors/bosses and workplace expansion. Higher revenue.

Good period for loans/debts and related restructuring. As GURU is in Arth-Trikon it shows good sense of purpose with wealth management.

Guru drushti on the 12th house means expenses but much needed investments in yourself with new skills and fine-tuning your skills. Some training and certifications etc go a long way!

Just like the 10th house GURU and more than that rather: EXPERTS / SME are a “Sanjeevani” in the 6th Guru. There is no substitute for specialists/experts (Guru) but also experience of older (Shani) people.

As GURU owns the 9th house 🏠 of Bhagya, it being in 6th house does not give higher strategic responsibilities but step by step incremental benefits only.

As GURU owns the 6th house, Guru in own rashi increases all the effects mentioned above. And with no harm.

REMEDIES: As GURU being knowledge and higher-knowledge people – the remedy is to READ and learn as much as possible and connect with experts and get them to work with you even if part-time. This is a magical remedy. The other remedy is use or increase of yellow golden and blue color around you.

GURU-KETU would be together in the 6th house till Sept. 2020 which increases the impact of 6th Guru mentioned above (not the best thing!) but it also ensures meeting evolved people in the field of medicine and also banking/finance insurance or wealth management. KETU gives “height” to Guru’s Karakatva!

Saturn in 7th

7th SHANI shows some tough time & tough luck with partnerships & collaborations!

Previous mistakes with partnerships, marriage / relationships will be exposed and you will need to deal with them without emotions or very practically.

If not then matters can go to courts too. It is highly advised to stay cool and handle with patience.

This Shani also reduces some of the increased mass-base that was increased due to the 6th house Shani from November 2017 till December 2019.

Your TEMPER will be tested somewhat and you will need to show patience with partnerships with seniors and also juniors.

This 7th Shani is somewhat debilitating for growth etc but it is in digbali house and hence it does show sympathy and support from workers or ordinary or poor people or masses for a political leader. But you could be seen a bit helpless at times due to domestic issues.

Shani drushti on the SUKH sthan/Home or mom house (4th) and direct drushti on Moon (mom) means closer and dear ones could cause some ego or emotional scenes!

PATIENCE is the key indeed. This is more so with the mother and her health too! As Kark is the rashi for mother – this is lot more important.

For lawyers or for any litigations this is a period to get complex cases/clients where there is both a good case but some guilt too! 🙂

Shani drushti on your Moon means you need to take care of mom’s health and also avoid drinking water at shady places!

You could also have some bad press and bad mouthing affecting your image for some time!

There is good possibility of physical and social weight loss in this period.

Take enough sleep which is highly necessary handle the stress of the 7th Shani!!

Shani drushti on the 9th house could cause much needed travel you have avoided till now.

Rahu in 12th

It is very positive for going abroad. However, this transit may not augur well for money matters.

Native may suffer from losses in business and hurdles in career.

Over-confidence can lead to significant wrong moves in life

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