Capricorn Horoscope 2020

Saturn in 1st

Pressure to conform the physical appearance to match the lowest common denominator in the social order.

Physical movement that are not socially accepted.

Physical appearance, vital movement, or identity restricted

Lack of musculoskeletal support and minimum nourishment. The flesh-body may be less able to absorb nutrient. Reduced movement. Limited capability to sustain one’s vitality and unique body-based identity.

In kendra, possibility of success only by repeated effort. Excessive dryness, coldness, appearance of aging, feeling elderly, often looks temporarily (during the transit) older than one really is.

By nature, Shani = materialistic. He can deliver valuable products resulting from persistent effort. However, major Shani transits mark the period of the effort, not yet the period of the final product.

Movement ( the natural power of Mangala) may be stalled, seized, pinched, limping, crippled, brittle. Insufficiencies and scarcities: lacking time, energy, permission.

One may begin a slow and careful step-wise ascent to a higher social rank, such as completing a complex application process to gain admission professional school or seeking a government-sponsored research fellowship or other next step life advancement.

Work of all types will be slowly progressing but socially respected. 

Jupiter 12th till March 2020

Great expansion of the imagination may occur

Opportunities for travel to distant lands may develop

Invisible expansions of intuition and insight

Jupiter in 1st from April to June 2020

More opportunities to develop the vitality and forward-moving life-force

One’s attribute-cluster personality may temporarily embody the Guru-sponsored virtues of generosity, fertility, charity, wisdom, and jovial humor

Rahu in 6th

It increases your sources of wealth accumulation. You may also get profit in business matters. Property deals turn out well for the native. You get a lot of respect and recognition in your social circle. Any pending court cases wind up in your favor too. You may also benefit from your maternal uncle in some way or the other.

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