Libra in 2020 Horoscope

4th Saturn

Swathi : Saturn transiting Capricorn and Aquarius will bring financial gains from many sources apart from job.

In activities related to shelter, security, and cultural foundations, it may be temporarily necessary (for 2.3 years) to work with those who are pinched and restricted, less creative, or more fearful than oneself

The parents, local guardian-figures, and property owners may show this temporary limitation

The rhythmic heart, may reflect this pressuring impedance

Pressure to conform the household behaviors to match the lowest common denominator in the social order

Landed property binding that are not socially accepted

Lack of permission to move away from the birthplace/homeland, usually due to heavy responsibilities there

necessity to stay in one place

responsibility to prevent changes to a home, maintain a shelter

Stalled movement toward property, diploma, cultural validation, vehicle, or place of belonging.

Temporary separation from homeland or parents; 

Long drawn-out process to obtain a national citizenship, residency papers, or passport; matters of property and vehicle ownership, particularly fencing or defense of the land, also subject to repeated, lawful delays. Repeating polarizing catalysis related to vehicles , especially engine stalls.

However, the safe driver will notice that the laws are being applied properly to the law-avoiders;

In kendra, possibility of success only by repeated and extraordinary effort.

professorship, and preaching, are afflicted by Shani’s characteristic seizing and freezing behaviors.

Thus social linkage webs may undergo a forced identity transformation or upheaval 

4th Jupiter from April 2020 to June 2020

More opportunities to enrich the home life, including expansion of the shelters, extension of the fences or property boundaries, and cultivation of additional farmlands and fisheries. 

Activities of parenting, caretaking, and protection of the vulnerable are blessed and available nutrient is abundant. Marine environments, estuaries, and watery grounds may broaden. 

Schools of all kinds, particularly the local extensions of great universities, may multiply while multi-cultural tolerance increases in The homeland

Transportation options diversify and extend; additional vehicles may be provided. 

Priests of the folk religion may conduct comforting rituals in one’s home.

3rd Jupiter till March 2020 and from July 2020

Moving about from place to place, obstacles to own work and loss of posi­tion

increased frequency of communicative events. 

More business transactions , explanations, descriptions, instructions, trainings, publications, and team meetings. 

Expands the scope of all messaging media, including writing. 

Broadens the size and diversity of the audience. 

Temporary increase in short-term travel, holiday tours, conference attendance, seminars and short courses. 

Opens access to apprenticeships and internships. 

Content of the messages may seem more unselfish, complete, and guiding in nature. 

Expansive, theoretical Guru is less comfortable in a natural bhava of specific, practical Budha. 

During Brihaspati’s transit via bhava-3, publications may announce a scriptural doctrine, principle, or theory in a heavy style, emphasizing a philosophical perspective but perhaps lacking sufficient explanations or examples.

Rahu 9th 

Intense temporary fascination with world travel, temple discourses, philosophical viewpoints, university culture, the father, preachers, professors and priests.

Professor Rahu attempts and will generally succeed in temporary attainment of a higher level of recognition yielding empowerments in matters of :

  • ritual worship, puja
  • knowledge of mysteries
  • world travel for purpose of learning
  • internationalization, universities and temples
  • religious study, sacred scripture
  • father, professor, preacher-teacher, priest, pujari
  • illness and debt of the mother

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