Sagittarius ♐ 2020 Horoscope

Jupiter in 2nd (April to June 2020)

Happiness, domestic harmony and success over enemies ;

Jupiter in 1st

You will be more comfortable in comparison to 2019. As this Jupiter gives success which is treated as success by your family, friends, relatives! 🙂

Jupiter in your sign improves your image, empowers life force, visibility and gives you a feel good.

You are guided by experts that are now easy to access.

You will get good books to read which are about “applied” knowledge and directly useful in your job.

Guru starts new endeavors for you where you get to execute your plans that you did until in 2019. This execution will be now successful which was not the case until mid 2019.

Of course, Guru in your sign is also some sort of an exam or a test. This Guru gives your big responsibilities you always wanted. This means some designation or some office of specific duties – daily, weekly and monthly.

Most people are very comfortable with the 1st Guru support except the ones who are in wealth creation/stock markets. This Guru is not the most natural for investments it in a way opposes the 2nd house (mutual funds, stocks, FDs etc) and the 6th house (service sector)!

Yes, it is OK for the 10th house (career/production) but not the best. But folks in jobs, employment will see better and better prospects. You are coming back on track and in form.

Guru drushti on the kids’ house (5th house) ensures good progress on kids front – Santati-Laabh, kids doing well in their life etc.

You could be called by education institutes to share your experience, knowledge etc.

Guru Drishti on the 9th house could show some minor travels that increase your sphere. Increase your business and overall bhagya. The more you are willing to travel the more the success in 2020!

Those who looking to get married have great blessings from this Guru as Guru’s full-force 7th drushti is on the 7th house – the house of marriage/partners/collaborations!

Overall, this Guru will increase your social and physical weight too by Nov2020! 🙂

As Guru is rashi-swami, this is really great for you and your mom’s health. With well-directed efforts that are holistic and not just medicines etc.

There is some feel good in life now which was missing in 2019.

Saturn in 2nd

The 2nd house Shani starts the final phase of Sadesati where your investment/wealth decisions are put under Shani’s reality check!

Shani will expose all the mistakes and undue risks taken in the past 27 years with the investments.

Any debts not paid would be affect severe financial penalty and hence you better ensure you clear your records books.

You will be forced to cut losses in some investments by taking very pragmatic, curt and emotion-less decisions. Your decisions will need to be based on cold-calculations and not passionate outburst.

Any of your need for credit from your relatives might be met with a rude surprise giving you a reality check who stands by you in your crunch time.

You had this indication to smaller level in the 12th Shani from Nov2014 to Oct2017 and if you had not made amendments and continued to depend on these unreliable folks – you will be in for a rude surprise.

Any NEW investments must be slow and steady and staggered and not in dramatic manner or in a hurry!! Must do all calculations and verifications yourself.

However, like ANY planets in the 2nd house it gives or rather starts a new income in your life for all the efforts you put in when the planet was 12 and 1st to you.

So, Shani was 12 and 1 from NOV2014 to JAN2020 for you and NOW from JAN2020, the second house movement it will expose your earlier blunders, it will also now start fresh new income for you BUT slowly and steadily.

Whatever was planned and executed in the last 5 years from Nov2014 will now bear some fruits from 2020 to 2022 end.

Shani in 2nd and drushti on 11th advises NOT going after quick bucks and easy money!

Karmanyewadhikaraste! It is hard-earned and hence much deserved and your own money and not riding a wave etc!

Shani is masses or workers and now AGAIN after 5 years of Gap – your income would be again be proportional to the number of folks work for you (your mass-base).

Shani 12 and 1 makes you earn individually by your own skills and improving your ability but this 2nd Shani now gives you NEW mass-base, higher level of workers and hence your income now starts going up as people working under you start going up.

Shani drushti on the 4th house means some stays away from native / house / family / mom from time to time. Mom health needs attention but lesser than middle 2.5 years that went by!

Shani drushti on the 8th house shows some tussle and tough time with inheritance or prize money or simply easy money. No easy money for you in these 2.5 years and none from Shani at least as the 2nd Guru in 2021 and mid 2020 CAN give some inheritance related matter partial success! 🙂

GURU in 2020 helps with optimism and slowly coming back on track as per your desires! It is slow but sure. 2021 GURU 2nd means additional new income and you becoming more relevant.

Rahu in 7th

7th house RAHU shows collaborations and partnerships with people of different caste culture religion.

Shows group events and team events but shows need for patience and being middle-man to defuse tensions from time to time.

RAHU-KETU would be 6th and 12th from Sept 2020.

6th Rahu shows success over competition and income increase.

12th Ketu shows expense on teerthyatra/travel and donations and ashram and spirituality but also hereditary stuff from the maternal elders.

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