Virgo ♍ 2020 Horoscope

Virgo ♍ 2020 Horoscope

Jupiter in 5th (April to June 2020)

Jupiter in 5th (April to June 2020)

Acquisition of servants, birth of a son, general prosperity, addition of property and development of good qualities

Jupiter in 4th

This is a slow period especially for ambitious folks.

ANY KARMA you do in this 2020 free time decides WHO you are in the 5th Guru from 2021 which is going to be DREAM COME TRUE Success!

It is a Moksha-Trikon house which means it is great for meeting near & dear ones, taking care of mom, interior design, decoration, spend time money and efforts on your house/vehicles to make them look better! 🙂

It is time to meet with some experts who have no conflict of interest with you. Also, a great time to read books, rejuvenate by reading and also gym and overall health revamp.

It is blessing of time given to you and most people don’t know what the heck to do with it. Most people cringe with this Guru movement!

USE it and you will be rewarded richly in the 5th Guru in 2021. Do some trainings and certifications and upgrade yourself. Increase your ability, skills so that you can reach higher magnitude of success after November 2020. 

Pushing for speed & hurry would result in frustration! Things would be slow and better adjust to it.

As you can see the 4th house GURU is great for MANY things in life, however it is not the best period for a workaholic , career oriented and achievement-oriented personality.

The 4th house Guru is really great for family life as you gets time for enjoying family life and enjoy luxuries of life & also good support from within the house (or your circle).

This Guru in MOKSHA TRIKON and is actually in a DIGBALI house (as Guru uchcha in the 4th sign – Cancer). So, this Guru makes you meet with some very learned and well hearted people who share things with you.

As GURU is in own rashi and with uchcha KETU, you meet some REAL experts, evolved and also spiritual people. Proximity of high-class people!

You will get great help from experts in various fields or dare I say “Guru-Mantra” or simply great-advice will come your way now.

It is a great time for any academics, training and acquiring some certifications. In a way, this Guru prepares you for the glorious success of the 5th Guru in 2021. Until then, you must prepare, put in as much hard-work and put in as much heat and energy in to that stuff in the “pressure cooker”. 

Pay attention to domestic needs, home décor and need of the parents. This Guru also is a great time to bond or spend time at your native place. Or rather, wherever you are you will find your “base”, your “native” or your “comfort” people close to you heart. Some no-strings-attached relationships are formed in this travel are beyond any “interest-groups” or politics.

Don’t expect some designation, promotion — if you get it very well! Additional angle of the 4th Guru is to report to a person of equal or less caliber in some respect. Deal with patience & perseverance while you make folks aware that you deserve equal or better position.

This Guru has drushti on the 8th and the 12th house – both these drushti are helpful with inheritance-matters, alternate medicines (8th) and Paramartha-spirituality, “Sant-Samagam”, visiting temples and so on.

As GURU owns the 4th and 7th house – it is good for academic qualifications and certifications & proximity with spouse/partners & group events. Good quality time spent with kids too. Sharing your knowledge and investing in your kids with you time. For students it is not the best for campus interview maybe but GREAT for academic qualification with time spent with top-notch professors/Guru type people.

You will get chance to create good environment around yourself and give a good platform for people to enjoy their time or even use it to thrive etc. The 4th house SHUBH planets are about creating a location like Starbucks or CCD where people have good quality time.

Saturn in 5th

5th SHANI reduces the adversity and saturation and slow period of the 4th Shani till Jan2020 and also to some extent the 4th Guru in 2020.

Things would be moving for you now that’s for sure. Shani gives complex programs with many moving parts and it requires cold & dispassionate calculations. Instinct or gutfeel etc is always useful but it needs to be substantiated by cold calculations.

Hope you have used the 4th Shani well for your skill upgradation and your rejuvenation from NOV2017 to JAN2020. 🙂

The 5th house is about tactical success and execution excellence. This Shani will slowly but surely will give you success in executing your plans.

You will be able to rally around masses or simply workers or co-workers for a common cause well. The 5th house Shani cannot be felt in a day or a month but it is a slow & steady progress.

This 5th house programs and initiatives END when Shani moves off to the 6th house in April 2022 but more so Dec 2022. 

So, these are time bound things you undertake and make success.

As the 5th house is the house of duties – this is a very good position for people in jobs as this shows a position with specific daily weekly & monthly duties.

Elder & older people will move away and create a position for you. A promotion is quite likely but cannot be directly attributed to the 5th Shani as it does not happen overnight but it is an effect of mass-base and steady hard work you do.

As Saturn will be in own house Makara. So this all gains will be in your own place. Where you most comfortable.

You would get the best of the assignments and well decorated cases.

This Shani is a testing aspect for students & even sports-people. Students would see some or at least one subject tough and would need hard work. Exam scores would need lot of hard-work as you will need to gain by talking to senior students and also elderly people and rather even older people. It is important for students to consult experienced people.

The sports people will need to set aside their natural game and play war of attrition and game of patience. Flashy moves or adventures would show some set-backs. Patience would make you achieve anything!

As the 5th is the house of romance and love affairs, it is simply put: tough! 🙂 as it shows who is yours and who isn’t! Reality check will happen and it would be a blessing in disguise!

Shani’s 3rd drushti would be on the 7th house (marriage partnerships) would recommend going careful with partnerships and collaborations. 

Shani drushti on the 2nd house means going steady and slow on investments.

Rahu in 10th

RAHU 10th house uchcha continues to help KANYA rashi as it increases people of different caste culture religion language etc in your office working for you. 

Good image within such people. Sort of a mystique!

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