2019 for Moon Mahadasa or Antardasa

(JUPITER) GURU Change in 2018: Movements in VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) from 11-OCT-2018 to NOV-04-2019: In-between it changes to DHANU for a brief period


of time from MARCH-29-2019 to APRIl-23-2019. It means GURU gets HUGE speed from 11-OCT-2018 to cross the WHOLE Scorpio (Vrishchik) Sign until March 29th! This speed ensures speedy events and fasts delivery of individual karma. GURU Would be wakri from APRIL-12-2019 to AUG-11-2019. It becomes MAARGI on AUG-12-2019. So, you can expect slow movements from April2019 to August-2019. MUST faster from Oct2018 to MARCH-2018 and again AUG2019 to NOV2019.


The GURU change is GREAT for MEEN (Pisces), KIRK (Cancer), MAKAR (Capricorn), VRISHABH (Taurus). This is also very good for KANYA (Virgo), TULA (Libra), VRISHCHIK (Scorpio), KUMBH (Aquarius). It is adverse and not so good for DHANU (Sagittarius), MESH(Aries) MITHUN (Gemini). It is not bad but slow/saturation for SINGH (Leo). Following is a quick summary before we go into each sign details.


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