Scorpio (Vrischika) : वक्री शनि – 18 अप्रैल से बेजोड़ ज्ञान?  ~ na, ya (न, य)

8. Scorpio (Vrischika) ~ na, ya (न, य)
Scorpio (Vrischika) : वक्री शनि – 18 अप्रैल से बेजोड़ ज्ञान?
Malefic transit neutral House rulership
3 lord and 4 lord in 2.

Pressure to conform the knowledge-base to match the lowest common denominator in the social order.
Acts of speaking truth that is not socially accepted or not permitted within the family-lineage.
Resists but also orders, family lineage, genetics, containment, treasuries, libraries, databases, collections, preservation, banking, speech, mouth, eyes, voice, song. Mother’s friends, mother’s beliefs; father’s imbalances, father’s conflicts.
Functional malefic retrogression – Tough.
Malefic Retrogression good house: Tough
Saturn Retrogression: Relief, Relax and Respice

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